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St John's Anglican Church, Darlinghurst
St John's Anglican Church, Darlinghurst

Hello ..... My name is Lesley Bray & I would like to extend a warm welcome to my Bray & McGilvery Genealogy web site. This site contains a wealth of genealogical history that I've collected over the past 30+ years. Besides the obvious Bray & McGilvery families I have included branches of Nixon, Dougan, Doull, Maddock, Munro, Parnemann, McClelland and Erhart families. The purpose of this site is to preserve our family heritage and make it available for our younger generation in the years to come. I believe the stories and photos are precious and will be lost if we fail to record the events of lifetimes. I invite anyone who is interested in these families to please consider contributing. It is impossible to amass this amount of data without errors, therefore I ask that you check all the data with the original sources for yourself. Equally please inform me of any errors you may find. I would not like to see this site become a conglomeration of names and dates, I love to colour it with photos and histories, no matter how seemingly unimportant. Therefore if you have photos or documents, or a story to tell, please contact Lesley Bray. Furthermore, I look forward to sharing the information, after all, this site wouldn't be here but for the generosity of others. I ask that you acknowledge this site in your credits and most importantly I do NOT want to see my years of research, blood, sweat and tears show up on sites for commercial gain ie World Family Tree, Roots Web, Gen Circles etc. I have always worked on a system of give and take - if you take any data from this site please repay by contributing what you know of your family history. Unfortunately I have found that people reap the benefits and fail to contribute or acknowledge, this is very sad. Therefore I am closing it off for the time being.


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